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Living your Strongest Story!

with Clarity and Courage, one chapter at a time.

LLiving your Strongest Story presents a remarkable concept that will motivate you to live a focused & significant story. As you intentionally write a stronger story with your life, you’ll realize your full potential and find a deep sense of fulfilment.

Deborah Kirsten and Jacqui Mol team up as a dynamic blend of their varied expertise and similar experience, to take you through this practical process of creating clarity and direction for your life. They will share many of their personal experiences in this charismatic presentation and create the space for you to explore your own experiences in a vibrant journal.

Designed as an interactive and reflective short course, it will stimulate you to more clearly define:

  • • Your life chapter and how to embrace the limitations or possibilities.
  • • Your purpose and what you are most passionate about.
  • • Your different life roles and how to simplify and maximize them.
  • • Your strengths and how to use them more effectively.


As you own your story and find the courage to be more intentional, you will start to make a meaningful contribution to the stories of those around you and end up Living your Strongest Story!

Having the shared experience of living life in the spotlight, and very often in the shadows of their husbands’ success, Deborah and Jacqui have a single minded desire to see women realise their personal worth and be more intentional about living their strongest story.

Deborah Kirsten
deborahis a qualified teacher, bestselling author, journalist and motivational speaker. Deborah believes in the value of each person’s individual story. She is passionate about helping women connect the dots in order to realise the significance of every chapter of their lives. Her aim is to inspire women to make choices that create hope for their future stories.


Jacqui Mol
jacqui is a qualified physiotherapist, international lecturer and Strengthsfinder™ coach for the Revolution Group. Jacqui holds to the belief that each individual is alive with possibilities. She is driven to discover what makes each woman distinctly unique. Her objective is to help women recognize and cultivate their potential and grow to higher levels of personal effectiveness.

Find out more www.therevolutiongroup.biz | Follow Jacqui @jacsmol

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