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This book is dedicated to Dad and Mom whose example,
teaching and love introduced me to the real Author of my story.

Chai tea & Ginger beer

My unexpected journey: Cricket, family & beyond

DDeborah’s autobiography, which was released in South Africa in February 2015. Published by Struik Christian Media, included is a note to the reader written by Gary and the foreword is written by Jacqui & Michael Mol.

Much of the book relates to Deborah’s journey with Gary, both as a player and a coach. Never before has the wife of an international cricketer written her story in this way, relating insightful and entertaining stories written from this unique perspective. Deborah sheds a different light on cricket, touring and the pressures of international sport – a side that many people are unfamiliar with.

Deborah also gives the reader a fascinating look into the life and demands on international sportsmen in this professional era, as well as on their families and marriages.

Deborah harnesses the power of story, relating a wonderful selection of anecdotes, from funny ones and happy ones to sad ones and also more poignant ones. She takes the reader on an emotional journey that leaves one crying one minute and laughing the next. Each story is carefully selected to reflect her different experiences, as well as the learning that she and Gary have taken along the way.

Chai tea & Ginger beer is divided into three parts – My Story, His Story & Our Story. Beginning with Deborah’s childhood growing up in a small village during the Apartheid years in South Africa.

Part I She tells of how her family, and most especially her father, well known evangelist and Christian leader, Michael Cassidy, strongly challenged this atrocious regime – this makes for fascinating reading.

Part II moves into meeting Gary’ and his cricket playing years with entertaining stories of touring and travel, as well as some that touch on the great highs and lows in South African cricket during Gary’s playing years, the tragedy of the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal included.

Part III reflects her years with Gary coaching, first the Indian team and then the South African team. This section also has reflections on family, marriage and Gary’s decision to retire from coaching the Proteas.

Throughout the book there is an underlying thread which reflects Deborah’s strong faith as well as their values as a couple and how this had a bearing on their lives, their decisions and their stories.Chai tea & Ginger beer is a book that will appeal to young and old, as well as men and women. Deborah’s hope is that through the stories readers will not only enjoy a wonderful journey with her, but that they will also find themselves asking certain questions about their own life and the purpose and meaning of their own stories.

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Chai Tea & Ginger Beer

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